Power Schedule

I guess now is the time for me to get back in to my power schedule. . It has proven difficult for me to awaken long after sunrise and still feel the drive to connect to Source through breathing, yoga, toning and meditation.

The most difficult part will be controlling the sleep schedule (early rising = early setting) and maintaining discipline.

So my desired schedule is: 
   *4am – rise, drink water, shower
   *4:30am – yoga
   *5am – toning
   *5:30am – breath work
   *6am – meditation
   *6:30am – set intentions and goals for the day
   *7am – breakfast
   *8am – open/free/work time
   *11:30am – yoga
   *12pm – knee strengthening
   *12:30pm – lunch
   *1:30pm – open/free/work time
   *5:30pm – breathing
   *5:45pm – meditation
   *6:30pm – dinner
   *8pm – open/free time
   *9:30pm – reading
   *10pm – sleep

This is NOT going to be easy!

I very much enjoy using my days to go with the flow and see what happens, with no tight schedule.

But I am trying to level up!

Maintaining Power and Connection to Source is necessary to fulfill my goals, I feel.

Previously I have been able to hold a schedule such as this for months at a time and have felt deeply incredible (on sooooo many levels) in doing so.

What I am trying to do is expand my sense of Self to fully embody these aspects which I feel are positive and beneficial for me. I am doing this to help maintain and boost physical and spiritual awareness, health, strength and resilience.

The development my various projects are directly linked to the cultivation of a continuous connection with and exploration of Source Energy, the original vibration.

I Love and Respect All Life on All Levels and AM Becoming Realized 

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