We Are Who We Are

I am learning again who it is that I am.

Why I choose to be vegetarian; how important breathing, yoga and meditation are to me; what I would like to do to contribute to society; how much I love sound and music; how much we all need quality sound and music; where I come from, how I love my family and those who are closest to me; the special people who have helped me along the path, supporting me; what I get excited about; where I have room to grow and let go. . 

I choose to no longer hide mySelf. It is my desire to share all aspects of my being.

I am not ashamed of who I am, the choices I have made, or the lessons I have learned. 

I am not afraid to show the world my talents! I am open to rejection, acceptance, and all opportunities to learn and grow.

I am realizing how much we are affected by our surroundings and interactions. By taking this recent and current time to find mySelf I am re-learning and embracing who I am, and who I wish to be.

Be Strong and Confident

The first step is defining what it is that we desire in life, those things that we like, dislike, where we are currently, and where we wish to be. Describing our goals and values in life and sticking by them, knowing that they are part of what makes us who we are.

If we find it difficult have confidence in ourselves and our choices, maybe it is time for some change. 

It is easy to have confidence in things you truly believe in.

Strength comes from living close to the goals, ideals, and values throughout the pressures of daily life.

So Here I Am

Having been presented this time and opportunity to practice ethics and find my true beliefs, I am grateful to present to the world myself as I am.

With strength and confidence I am working toward my goals in life, keeping my values close to the core of my being.

I am open to learning and free to change, but deeply rooted and living in my heart.