ARISE 2016


Back from the Arise Music Festival where we built an extravagant Children’s/Youth Village, including an amazing stage, 4 geodesic domes, and many different and fun practices for everybody to indulge in 🙂

My job at this festival was to run the Rainbow Lightning stage. Complete with our Golden Turtle Sound system, this 14’X16′ stage was the biggest children’s stage Arise has seen to date! So Much Fun helping to make it all happen!!

Up next is the Tribal Vision festival down in Hotchkiss, CO followed by Wakeup Express and then UNIFY in SantaFe, NM.

At UNIFY in SantaFe I will be stage managing one of the main stages, having the opportunity to meet all sorts of really awesome artists and musicians.  http://unifyfest.com/

There are more events following UNIFY, but hopefully things will begin to slow down a bit and I’ll be writing and posting new music again shortly 🙂

Thank you all SO MUCH for the support!!

All The Love <3


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Upcoming Dates:
Tribal Vision — August 18th – 21st (( http://www.tribalvisionfest.com ))
Wakeup Express — September 8th – 12th
UNIFY Festival — September 22nd – 25th (( http://www.unifyfest.com ))
Green Beer Festival — October 1st – 2nd (( http://greenbeerfest.com ))
Friend Fest — October 14th – 17th (( www.turtleislandecology.org ))

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