Cultivating Unity

Cultivating Unity

Using Breath as the Key to the Doorway of Unity Consciousness

Let’s take a moment to exhale deeply.

And as we breathe in again, pulling the energy up through our feet in a wave of light-force all throughout our body to the top of our head.

Flipping over the in-breath to an out-breath allowing all that light-force energy to ooze from our body, out our feet and recycle through the Earth.


As this visual psycho-spiritual event develops in our awareness further in to a feeling, allow it.

While you read this continue to experience the effects of your spirit enhanced breath as it cultivates our extra-sensory awareness within our being.

Imagine How Expanded and Receptive We Will Become by Using this Presence as Our Standard Level of Awareness from Which All Our Interactions Take Place.

Allowing our awareness to shift from the energetic waves of breath and in to a general of awareness of breath within our body, we can feel the intelligence that connects us to each cell in our body and forges our spirit to this vessel giving life.

When we begin and end each of our actions and interactions from this awareness of our breathing we are stepping in front of any reactive programs that detach our being from the infinite plane of Unity from which all life manifests.

When we start from and return to this awareness where our breath becomes our body our actions and intentions arise from Oneness and tend towards Divine Order and express the best for ourselves and our surroundings.

It is Amazing to Experience This Life From Such a Vast Perspective, And to Develop the Trust it Takes ​to Be in Complete Service.