Transformational Movement is the New Yoga!

Ecstatic Dance is the New Yoga!

Well rounded practice of Meditation, Breathing, Yoga and Movement may just be the key the world is looking for! It might just make you superhuman :-0
From a financial standpoint, Ecstatic Dance, or Transformational Movement, is about to become highly profitable. It is a movement based on Spirit, Community, Connection, Expansion, Upliftment, Creativity and Expression. It is a business based in Truth for the Evolution of Humanity.
Is this your calling for the moment?
It just might be! :-0
You seem to be in the perfect position to accept responsibility for the explosion of the ecstatic dance scene of Colorado. It can act as an anchor for all of the things you enjoy; music production and sound healing, dance and movement, breathwork and meditation, yoga, community organization, proliferation and fun lovin’.
Expand your horizons of responsibility and take the bull by the horns!
Movement is your practice :-0 see what it feels like to embody it again, and take this whole thing to the next level.
( (( 💛 )) )