Taking a Quantum Leap

   So now the time has come in this life to take the quantum leap in to my higher self and purpose on this planet. I am taking “the quantum leap” (in the words of Matt (Dank Phart)) by placing myself fully in the open projection of a heartfelt energy that has resonated from inside since at least my early teens. A resonance of divine nature and universal guardianship, nurturing the positive evolution of this world, its inhabitants and humanity. 
   By placing myself and sustainability solely at the hands of gifts I have received by birth and along the path, I will be at one with my ultimate purpose during this time on Earth.
. .:Ask and You Shall Receive:. . 
A saying that is becoming more and more meaningful for us. This quantum leap is the asking of the universe to provide the way for alignment of material and spiritual realms, allowing divinity to flow through me and around me at each moment.
   By offering my own unique gift of sonic alchemy to the world I will engage in the closing of the circuit of life, allowing for feedback continuously to and from that which is infinite divinity and this which is finite materiality. This is the fastest way to grow and how I can be of greatest assistance to humanity and our world at this current time.
   Joining me on this mission is a fellow vibrational scientist, 3oni. Together we have been developing a multidimensional sound healing performance to be shared anywhere from streets and coffee-shops to venues and festivals. The alignment process has already begun and has been working for a while, now reaching the physical realm strongly causing shifts and movement in and around our lives.
   It is the time now for Treaphort to fully embody himself in his entirety, and for me to allow this to happen. I am open to receiving what the universe has to offer the world through me as a direct channel.
   . . . and as a direct result of this so far there is a growing attention and focus on the music and sound offerings, which I am sure will begin to solidify and transmit soon. . .

:-0 Treaphort 0-:

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