Happenings and Position

I am sitting here in a makeshift bedroom studio thinking about my current position in life and about the next move I should make. (currently listening the the recently released LostInSound mixtape Summer V/A Compilation 2013 which is rockin the system nicely 🙂 Desirée has just left (after missing her flight yesterday 😛 ). We’ve just finished recording the vocals for the new Floating Cloud Radio EP of Slölei which I plan to master up with the tracks during the upcoming days.

After playing a few very nice festivals in MT and a couple local shows this summer my lease has ended and now I have had to move in to my parents house (at least temporarily) due to not having enough dough to continue living on my own :-/ . They are not to happy about it, but I think they are enjoying my company. Niki has been enjoying the new scenery.

I have been coaching gymnastics in the morning which has been fun, and due to the lack of funds I am going to start taking up extra hours working afternoons/evenings a few days a week. I am feeling a HUGE drive to begin pushing the music production/performance in a more responsible manner, and to start reaching out to begin playing more shows and events.

Due to my financial situation over the past 3 years or so there is a decent amount of debt to settle, including a student loan, various credit cards, store cards and a personal loan. All these things equate to the approximate rental cost of a place to live.

It seems very beneficial to me to continue staying at my parents place ’til I have my debts under control and a small cushion saved up for living expenses, but I’m not sure they will allow it.

Another living possibility right now is the offer that I have received from BusToShow to begin hosting a once a week group meditation and poetry reading around Boulder, on a bus. They have said it would be possible for me to live on the bus that would be provided, and that my first step is getting a Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

Right now I am going to take some time to clearly define my goals for the next five or so years, and the steps that need to be taken to achieve them.

Part of the goals will surely incorporate more interaction on the BlogFacebook, and other social media sites that I have fallen off of. (apparently they are great tools to be using to help springboard a national and international career in the music industry, and I should be making better use of them) So expect to be hearing a lot more from me about what’s happening in and around the studio and with developments of  CommunityArtShare, among other things.


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